Platform Fees

Platform Fees
We have a very long term vision when looking at what the studio would need financially, to build Gnome mines to the level of game the community desires. Also, we set these rates to what we feel would be an appropriate entry point for the treasury, once it initiates.
Below you will find the fees for the Gnome mines platform.
  • Buying and Selling and Transfer swap PancakeSwap 5%
  • On the purchase of any chest 0.50c in BNB
Example: valid to buy or sell your Gmines in the exchange of Pancakes of Example 50 tokens. When Gmines are purchased, you will receive 50 Gmines - 1.5 Gmines = 48.5 Gmines in your metamask wallet.
Example: In the purchase of any chest whether it contains 1 gnome or 20, a small fee of 0.50c in BNB will be charged
Our team gave up team tokens so that the project will grow in the long term, our way of monetization will be through fees obtained within the game and in the purchase and sale of tokens
The money collected will be sent to an administrative wallet where it will be used to pay expenses with the team, server, game improvement, among other things.